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Participation Interest:
Would you like to participate virtually if physical presence is not possible in the Advancing Girls Conference?
Would you like to enroll boys from your school as volunteers and cheerleaders in the All Girls Colour Run?
Would your school be interested in organizing a pre-event activity or initiative to promote the All Girls Colour Run among your students?
Would your school be interested in contributing any form of creative support (e.g. banners, posters, artwork) to enhance the events atmosphere?
By submitting this Expression of Interest form, we acknowledge that our school is interested in participating in the All Girls Colour Run organized by the Youth Sports Movement and ACYSD and we are committed to promoting wellness, inclusivity, empowerment, and community spirit among our students. We understand that our participation is subject to availability and that further information, including registration details, schedules, and logistics, will be communicated to us in due course.
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