Our Programs

Under the Youth Sports Movement (YSM), we have carefully designed programs aiming at the total development of the African Youth.

School Games

A key aspect of what we do is organising school games at local, regional and national levels where starlets who can represent their countries at international events will be discovered and nurtured. We are building a new sports culture where sports will be an integral part of education and young sports people can have access to scholarships to pursue education while engaging in sports. Our inaugural event is the YSM Abuja School Games –

SPIRIT OF NAIJA, the biggest Inter-Schools Sports competition in Abuja, Nigeria and will launch the YSM All Nigeria School Games in the subsequent years. To enter your secondary school, click here.

At his side are education commissioner christopher cerf and camden mayor dana redd

Sports Camp

YSM sports camp will focus on youth sports development and engagement. It is not all about sports, in the mix of the new sports culture we want to build is mixing sport with education and entertainment.

Learning should be fun and whether you are participating in any of our out of school talent camps or special programs targeted at IDP camps and indigent young people, you should laugh and be happy all the way!

Special Sports

Young people with special needs get special attention from us. We go an extra mile to make sure they are not disabled because of their challenges. 

Our Special Sports Programmes for young people with special needs will build the platform where they can compete and enjoy the pride and respect of representing self, school and country.

Volunteer Engagement

We want to raise the spirit of volunteering among young people. Volunteering can be fun and it gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and work with other young people. 

The YSM volunteer training will train young volunteers from age 14 and above to take up tasks which will add value to sports programmes. Young volunteers will be actively engaged in all ACYSD programmes. Click here to sign up to be part of the next volunteer opportunity.

Coaching Development

Excellent coaching makes excellent sports men and women. To add professional value to what we do, we are training PE teachers in schools and other young people interested in taking up coaching as a profession to become coaches who our young people can trust. 

The emphasis of YSM is to give more room for the growth and development of female coaches. Through our quality Coaching Training programmes, men and women will be equipped with the basic skills in any area of sports so they can train others and open a new door of opportunities for the future.

Media Training

Youths who have the passion and love for the media will be trained to channel that passion effectively. The new media is becoming more and more youth friendly and our media training programme will train young people in sports coverage that will be fun and engaging. 

You can now become a part of our media team by learning simple interview skills, reporting, use of a camera, a microphone or even your own phone!