Support us

Support us

From partners to sponsors to ambassadors, ACYSD is constantly seeking collaborations to drive our youth & sports development agenda.


Our Ambassadors are household names in the creative and sport industries who have impacted the world through their life styles and their works. Young people are looking for role models everyday. We are lucky to have some of the best who believe in us and who will vouch for us. 

Your standing in life is a gift. But how you use it is in your hands. As our Ambassador, we encourage you to use your position to fight crime, discourage drug in sports and promote healthy lifestyles among the youths.


Our partners are organisations both local and international, government agencies and federations who share in our vision, values and objectives of developing the next generation of African leaders through sports. They collaborate and support us with resources to carry out our activities.

Bearing the burden of developing tomorrow’s leaders through sports and skills development is cumbersome. That is why we always depend on partners; people and organisations who understand our vision and who will stand with us through thick and thin. Partners are the giants on whose shoulders we stand. There is great benefit in partnership too! 

Apart from the visibility it gives to you and your organisation, the society will always remember this responsibility you have chosen to carry. Want to partner with us, contact us at


Our patrons are men and women of impeccable character who are passionate about youth and sports development. Despite their tight schedules, they make commitment both in time and in finance to see that young people get the best in life through quality opportunities.

We say of our patrons, ‘we can take your words to the bank!’ Being a patron of the Africa Centre for Youth Sports and Development means the youths have great faith in you as a father, a mother and a mentor. This is the most delicate job in the world. Want to be our patron? Contact us at We shall welcome you home!


At ACYSD, we understand the huge potential of volunteering and passionately believe in its social impact. Volunteering for any of our activities puts you in the heart of our vision: you
participate in our campaigns and events, share in our values and invest in tomorrow’s leaders in sports and entrepreneurship. 

As a volunteer, you are our first super star because we are able to build stars because of you! It has its own benefit too, for as you build others, you are building yourself, channelling a career path that may lead to something big in the future. Are you age 14 and above and want to volunteer in the YSM School Games – Abuja 2021? Start by downloading the YSM Volunteer Recruitment Pack  and SIGN UP HERE.