Youth Sports Movement

Youth Sports Movement.

Welcome to the biggest youth sports community in Africa! YSM is not just a project; it is a movement, a movement where everyone is involved. The Youth Sports Movement provides community support for youth sports development. YSM communities online and offline have easy access to infrastructure, education and information.

YSM also provide youths all over Africa the opportunity to network and share sports culture and ideas! The opportunity to travel, meet other young people and participate in sporting activities all across Africa!


We are creating a Youth Industry that can contribute to the future of Africa.

  • To be a private partner to government's efforts in developing sports among young people in Africa.
  • To resuscitate the dying sports competition culture among students of primary and secondary schools.
  • To inculcate in students the spirit of sportsmanship which will become a life skill as they face the real world.
  • To contribute to international, national and local efforts to maintain or improve children's health through sporting activities.
  • To encourage youths to gain the information, skills, personal and social resources and support needed to succeed with key life transitions, through participating in sporting activities.
  • To use sports as a uniting factor in Africa by bringing youths from different backgrounds and cultures together through sports.
  • To use sports as a light of hope towards a better future to indigent children or children who have been affected by one form of crisis or the other.
  • To help in building Youth Sport Tourism across Africa, encouraging families to travel together with sporting children. This will further bond families and build a viable tourism industry.
  • To use sport as a tool for cutting barriers that divide societies, making it a powerful tool to support conflict prevention and peace building both symbolically on the global level and practically within communities.