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advancing girls conference

Empowering Girls for the Future Through the Power of Sports

Welcome to the Advancing Girls Conference!

Join us on 11th October 2023 in Abuja, Nigeria for a transformative conference that aims to advance the girl child in Nigeria. This year, our focus is on the power of sports in empowering girls and promoting gender equality. We invite stakeholders, advocates, policymakers, educators, athletes, and champions of girls' rights to come together and discuss strategies to increase girls' participation in sports and address the challenges they face.

Conference Highlights

Inspirational women in sports and society will share their insights and experiences.

Experts will discuss the importance of sports in girls’ empowerment and explore solutions to overcome barriers.

A platform for girls to express their voices, share their experiences, and contribute to the dialogue.

Showcase of organisations, initiatives, and projects dedicated to promoting girls’ empowerment through sports.

Interactive sessions focused on addressing challenges faced by girls providing them with guidance, support, and helping them navigate challenges, explore career paths, and access opportunities in sports and other areas of interest.

Engage with participants from various sectors, including government, civil society, education, sports associations, private sector, and girls themselves.

Aa crucial platform for stakeholder consultations, fostering collaboration among various sectors. Discussions will contribute to the development of policies that promote girls’ empowerment in sports and beyond.

25th-26thOctober 2023
Abuja, Nigeria

The Advancing Girls Conference is a platform dedicated to promoting the rights and empowerment of girls in Nigeria. We believe that sports have the potential to transform the lives of girls by building leadership skills, boosting self-esteem, and improving physical health. Our mission is to create a space where experts and stakeholders can come together to discuss, learn, and collaborate towards advancing the girl child, empowering them and shaping their futures.

The conference will feature a range of activities designed to promote dialogue, learning, and action. Keynote speeches from accomplished women in sports and society will inspire participants, while panel discussions will delve into the challenges that hinder girls’ participation in sports. A dedicated girls’ forum will provide a platform for girls to share their experiences and perspectives.
Mentorship sessions, workshops and exhibitions will highlight best practices, success stories, and practical strategies to increase girls’ participation in sports. The conference will also facilitate networking and collaboration among participants from government, civil society, educational institutions, sports associations, the private sector, and, most importantly, the girls themselves.


  • Promote gender equality and empower girls through the transformative power of sports
  • Identify and address the challenges that hinder girls’ participation in sports, including social and cultural norms, lack of infrastructure, limited access to education, discrimination, and safety concerns
  • Showcase success stories of girls who have excelled in sports and highlight the positive impact of sports on their lives.
  • Facilitate dialogue and knowledge-sharing among experts, policymakers, athletes, and stakeholders to develop strategies and initiatives that increase girls’ participation in sports.
  • Provide a platform for networking and collaboration among stakeholders to develop partnerships and strategies that support the advancement of girls in sports.
  • Empower girls by providing them with information, skills, and resources to engage in sports activities and advocate for their right to equal access to sports.

Get Involved

We invite government representatives, civil society organisations, schools, sports associations, private sector entities, the media and girls themselves to join us at the Advancing Girls Conference. Together, we can inspire action, exchange knowledge, and develop partnerships to prioritize sports as a means of empowering girls and promoting gender equality.


Annika Hahn-Englund


Ambassador of Sweden to Nigeria

Dr. Ikenna Nwosu


– Facilitator - Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment, Creative and Sports (THECS) at the National Economic Summit Group (NESG)

Emmanuelle BLATMANN


Ambassador of France to Nigeria

Hon. Elizabeth Idoko-Okogun


Special Adviser to the Governor of Benue State on Sports Development

Ms. Nkechi Obi


Chairman of the Board, Nigerian Women’s Football League (NWFL)

Oiza Nicholson


Country Director, Palladium

Prof Florence Adeyanju


Founder, Nigerian Association of Women in Sports (NAWIS)

Prof Mariam Suleiman


President, Nigerian Association of Women in Sports (NAWIS)


Get a detailed overview of the conference programme, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and other engaging activities. Stay informed about the session topics and schedule to make the most of your conference experience.
Full programme coming soon!


Discover opportunities to become a partner of the Advancing Girls Conference and contribute to the empowerment of girls through sports. Learn about the benefits of partnership and how your organisation can make a difference.
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