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At ACYSD, we are passionate about using sports as a catalyst for youth development and community transformation. Join us as we create a world where every young person has the opportunity to thrive through sports.




 Here’s what we do in a nutshell:



We believe sports and education go hand in hand. Our school sports programmes are designed to ignite a passion for sports among students. We organise exciting inter-school competitions and activities, provide training sessions for both students and teachers, and equip schools with the necessary resources to foster a culture of sportsmanship and teamwork.


We know that sports have the power to bring communities together. That’s why we actively engage with local communities through sports clinics, events, and awareness campaigns. Our aim is to promote youth participation, encourage healthy lifestyles, and create lasting bonds within the community.


Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all young people to engage in sports, including those with disabilities or special needs. Our special sports programmes offer adaptive training, inclusive events, and advocate for the integration of disabled athletes in mainstream sports activities.


We’re here to lend our expertise in managing and implementing impactful programmes. Whether it’s working with organizations, schools, or institutions, our experienced team collaborates closely with partners to design, plan, and execute initiatives that align with their goals. From logistics to participant recruitment and evaluation, we provide comprehensive support to ensure successful outcomes.

We are building a new sports culture in Nigeria!

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  • To collaborate as a private partner with governments to support their efforts in developing sports among young people. We aim to work hand in hand with government agencies and organisations to enhance and promote youth sports initiatives
  • To revive and strengthen the sports competition culture among students. We are dedicated to revitalizing healthy sports competitions, encouraging participation, and fostering a culture of excellence, sportsmanship, and fair play.
  • To instill in students the values of sportsmanship, which will become lifelong skills that prepare them to face the challenges of the real world. We strive to develop character traits such as integrity, respect, teamwork, and discipline through sports, shaping young people into responsible and honorable citizens.
  • To actively contribute to international, national, and local efforts in improving children’s health through sporting activities. We recognize the importance of physical activity in promoting overall well-being and healthy lifestyles among children and youth.
  • To empower youth by providing them with information, skills, personal and social resources, and support necessary to navigate key life transitions. We aim to equip young people with valuable life skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and resilience, enabling them to succeed in various aspects of life.

  • To foster unity among Nigerian youths by using sports as a unifying platform that transcends cultural, social, and geographical boundaries. We believe in the power of sports to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds and create opportunities for cross-cultural understanding, cooperation, and friendship.
  • To bring hope and positive change to indigent youths or those affected by crises through the transformative power of sports. We strive to provide support, empowerment, and opportunities for these youths, offering them a chance for a brighter future filled with optimism and possibilities.
  • To actively contribute to the development of youth sport tourism across Nigeria. We recognize the potential of sports tourism in stimulating economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and strengthening family bonds through shared sports experiences.
  • To utilize sports as a powerful tool for breaking down barriers that divide societies, promoting conflict prevention, and facilitating peace-building efforts at both global and community levels. We believe in the unifying and transformative nature of sports, fostering mutual respect, understanding, and harmony among diverse communities. 
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